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Online Training Course

CP3P Foundation 4 steps digital final

Welcome to the CP3P Online Training course. This is a free learning resource that guides you through Chapter 1 of the PPP Certification Program Guide – so that you feel better prepared to take the Foundation exam for APMG's PPP Certification Program.

The Foundation exam will test your knowledge of Chapter 1 of the PPP Guide. Chapter 1 of the PPP Guide consists of 10 sections. To make things simple, the Online Training Course also consists of 10 sessions which relate to the 10 sections comprising Chapter 1 of the PPP Guide.

Each session delivers a series of slides which guide you through the elements of Chapter 1 that you will be tested on during the Foundation exam. There is also an audio option if that is your preferred way of learning.

The course ends with a simulated exam so that you have the opportunity to apply the knowledge you’ve acquired during the course. Once you have completed the course and feel confident in taking the Foundation exam – you can book your exam here.

To begin the online training course, simply register or login below. Any progress you make will be saved and completed sessions will be indicated as such – so that navigating the course is painless.

Please see the CP3P online training user guide for full instructions on using the Online Training Course. 

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