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APMG's PPP Certification Program aims to foster a common minimum level of knowledge and understanding amongst practitioners. It helps them leverage Finance and Efficiencies from the Private Sector and give them a certificate which demonstrates they have studied the PPP Certification Program Guide. The PPP Guide is FREE to download and is available globally.

About the APMG PPP Certification Program 

  • Q. What are the reasons for launching the APMG PPP Certification Program?

  • Q. What is the Consultative Committee's role?

  • Q. What is CP3P?

  • Q. Is the APMG PPP credential accepted globally?

  • Q. Who is the audience for the Certification Program and what background is needed?

  • Q. How does it help PPP team members?

  • Q. How is the Certification Program different?

About the PPP Certification Program Guide

  • Q. What is the PPP Certification Program Guide?

  • Q. How is the PPP Guide related to the certification?

  • Q. How is the PPP Guide different from other sources on PPPs?

  • Q. What chapters of the PPP Guide do I need to study for each exam?

About taking the PPP Certification Program exam, training and testing

  • Q. How long will the course take?

  • Q. Can I self-study?

  • Q. How can I get access to training centers?

  • Q. How will I be tested?

  • Q. Will exams be available in languages other than English?

  • Q. If I pay my $400 to take the Foundation exam, and pass it, what happens next?   

  • Q. When can I take the Preparation Stage exam, and the Execution Stage exam?  When will they be available?  How much will they cost?

  • Q. If I take the Foundation exam and fail, what happens next?  Can I take it again?  Do I need to pay another $400 to take it again?

  • Q. It is stated that the cost for the online exam is $400. Is the price the same if I take the exam in person at an ATO/affiliate (assuming they will allow this)?

  • Q. What role do APMG's existing network of ATOs and affiliates play in the PPP certification process?  Will they all (or any of them?) be offering training in the PPP certification, and/or a place to take the exam?

  • Q. How can I buy a discounted exam voucher?

  • Q. Will I receive a certificate for passing the exam?

  • Q. As the exams are currently only available in English, do I get any extra time in the exam if English is not my first language?

  • Q. What letters can I use after my name to show that I have passed the exam?

  • Chapter 5 of the PPP Guide is tested in both the Preparation and Execution exams. What topics should I study for each exam?

  • How can I find out what the available dates and times are for the online exam?