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Complementary Courses

The Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3, A Tetra Tech Company) offers advanced training courses that cover implementation of the complete life cycle of PPPs. These year-round courses are taught by leading international practitioners and are complementary to the CP3P program. They provide CP3P candidates wanting further technical training with additional knowledge and skills to enhance those they have learnt from their CP3P studies. More information on the IP3 capacity-building programs can be found on their website 


The World Bank Group’s efforts to bring clarity to the complex world of designing and implementing PPPs for procuring infrastructure are much needed. The PPP Body of Knowledge (PPP Guide) and the associated APMG PPP Certification Program will help to establish high standards within governments and PPP practitioners and thus improve the quality and success rates of PPPs. 

"Combining the textbook with a mechanism to provide training and a recognised qualification provides a complete package. There are important lessons here for all levels, from PPP novices to grizzled transaction advisers, such as myself.

Richard Kupisz, Chief Executive, Maxwell Stamp KSA / Head of Utilities & Infrastructure, Maxwell Stamp LLC


"When approached by APMG a few years ago and asked to contribute to the PPP Guide that has now become the core of the CP3P Certification Program, I was both excited and nervous.  Excited because the opportunity to be part of a single, world–wide program to assist in the certification of PPP Practitioners that is backed by most of the important DFIs in the world was unmissable.

"I’m proud to have contributed to this truly excellent piece of work, one that will be referenced by thousands of people across the globe who are dealing with the realities of planning and implementing PPPs. The CP3P PPP Guide is going to provide practical and relevant guidance on both everyday issues and those strategic principles that underpin successful PPP programs. The fact that it is part of a formal certification program adds value and will ensure that it is accorded its true value by PPP Practitioners."

Will Dachs, Chief Operating Officer, Gautrain Management Agency 

"The PPP concept is an important tool for development, particularly for large infrastructure projects. A successful project entitles a significant amount of upstream preparation in multiple technical domains. This certification course is a comprehensive review of all those domains, including several on which very little PPP specific data has been publicly available to date. Environmental and Social (E&S) Risk management is one of the important elements on which PPP specific data and literature is scarce. 

"This program integrates E&S issues throughout the project cycle. Having developed and implemented a successful approach for E&S Risk management in the PPP space for the World Bank Group, I found during my review that E&S issues were well taken into account. This provided students with the essential elements needed to ensure project sustainability which was key to getting stakeholders and affected personnel on board."    

Dr. Isabelle Paris, Senior Environment Specialist, International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group