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Tuesday 21/03/2017

K-Infrastructure launches CP3P Foundation exam courses in Spain

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This month K-Infra ran classroom training for the APMG PPP Certification Program for the first time.

The course content was delivered in Madrid by Andres Rebollo, Lead Author of the PPP Program Guide and CEO at K-Infra. Andres is very pleased to report that every candidate that sat the exam at the end of the course successfully passed the exam.

This is the first time K-Infra have made training for the CP3P Foundation level exam open to individuals in Spain, as opposed to specific groups from a government or institution, for example. The majority of candidates were from the private sector.

Andrés Rebollo comments: “This has been a fantastic experience and has provided great insight into PPP candidate needs. The group comprised 22 people, the majority being from the private sector. This has highlighted that private sector representatives are increasingly aware of the fact that they should also study for the CP3P credential and that it’s not just for public partners”.

The K-infra team received very positive feedback with most private sector participants commenting that they were subsequently able to understand the entire PPP process – from how a PPP project is incubated, promoted and managed by the government in terms of preparation and procurement. The derivative of “creating a common language” and spreading a common base of “good practice” and good governance, were also much appreciated by the candidates.

Next steps

K-Infra will be offering a second edition of this successful course before the end of 2017. They will also be introducing their first classroom sessions for the Preparation exam, after its launch in April 2017.

Currently these classroom courses are only available in Madrid, Spain, however Andres has just announced that this version of the course (face to face open training) will be available in other countries with the support of their Affiliated Partners. K-infra will also soon be offering vandidates the option to attend courses online through their online meeting system. Find out more at:



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