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    Wednesday 20/01/2016

    Simplicity at its best - good contract management is key

    The need for resilient, sustainable and new infrastructure is on the rise globally. Executives around the world are concerned about the adequacy and existence of infrastructure. Availability of infrastructure is a critical issue for business as it impacts on operating costs and it becomes a major factor in strategic planning and decision making. The long term outlook for the businesses does not look bright as 77% of the surveyed participants by the Economics Intelligence Unit on behalf of KPMG... READ MORE
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    Wednesday 20/01/2016

    Importance of contract management in PPPs

    Infrastructure has finally made it to the top of political agenda following many years of neglect and decades of improper planning. Many business leaders are of the opinion that inadequate infrastructure will negatively impact their companies’ long-term growth and the decision of where to do business will be influenced by surrounding and available infrastructure. Government frontrunners are saying that developing countries need new infrastructure, while developed countries need rebuilt... READ MORE
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    Wednesday 20/01/2016

    Win or lose? Who bears the benefits and costs of PPPs?

    Late last year I was teaching a course on infrastructure finance, in a highly regarded University in Brazil and one of the students asked me, without context: “how to bring losers on board of a Public-Private Partnership project?” It was a good question, particularly because it shed light on a very relevant aspect of PPP projects, one which the professional community discusses less than it should: There can be losers! For example, entire communities can lose their houses due to the flooding of... READ MORE
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    Friday 24/03/2017

    PPP Complementary schemes flyer

    A4 Flyer complementary schemes.pdf APMG administers a wide range of professional assessment, development and certification schemesin key management disciplines, many of which are complementary to the PPP CertificationProgram. An overview of some of these schemes is included on this flyer.
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    Monday 05/06/2017

    The CP3P credential as a best practice guide for governments in Brazil

    The PPP Professional Certification, the CP3P, is an extraordinary tool that enables professionals in infrastructure segments around the world to have a common language for terms involved in structuring and managing a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project. Support for standardizing the process of PPP projects, has improved overall understanding and enabled institutional organizations and governments to successfully model projects and mitigate risks. It is noticeable that there are many... READ MORE
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    Friday 30/06/2017

    What can fuel India's Growth?

    India’s Economic Fundamentals Remain Strong; Investment Pick-Up Needed for Sustained Growth, says New World Bank Report The World Bank has just released its flagship report highlighting the state of the Indian economy, its future growth prospects. According to the report, India remains the fastest growing economy in the world - economic fundamentals are strong, and reform momentum continues. GST is on track for implementation in the second quarter of the fiscal year, and is expected to yield... READ MORE
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    Friday 28/07/2017

    PPP candidates in 57 countries now certified at Foundation level

    The Certified PPP Professional (CP3P) program continues to go from strength to strength since its launch in March 2016. Please find some of the key highlights to date detailed below: The increasing popularity of the scheme has resulted in PPP professionals from 57 countries around the world being certified at Foundation level A total of nine Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) and four Affiliated Partners are now capable of delivering face-to-face training in support of the PPP Program.... READ MORE
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    Thursday 22/03/2018

    The journey of a PPP professional - Q&A with Matthew Perna

    Matthew Perna is a PPP practitioner and one of our first successful APMG PPP Certification Program’s Preparation Exam candidate. We caught up with Matthew Perna to understand his PPP journey and how the PPP Certification Program adds value to his career. Matthew Perna is currently the president of Primer Construction Corp - a general contractor, constructing government projects in the NYC area, and Primer Construction Management Corp, which provides PPP consulting services, including... READ MORE
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    Tuesday 27/03/2018

    Execution exam - Coming soon!

    The third and final exam within APMG’s PPP Certification Program will be available soon. The Foundation and Preparation exams are already available, giving individuals the opportunity to demonstrate, through passing the Foundation exam, that they have a good knowledge of the PPP process and terminology as described in chapter 1 of the PPP Certification Guide. Individuals who have gone on to pass the Preparation exam have demonstrated an understanding of how to apply and tailor processes, roles... READ MORE