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Strategy Delivery and Commissioning


Once the PPP contract is signed and financial close has been achieved (refer to chapter 6), the Construction Phase commences. This culminates in a form of commissioning, which triggers the beginning of the Operations Phase. While the structure of the PPP Certification Guide treats the Construction Phase and the Operations Phase as being distinctive phases and provides separate guidance on each, there is an overarching theme that unites the two phases. The theme is contract management.

This chapter begins with a general introduction to contract management in PPPs (part A of this chapter), covering the main components that will be applicable to both the Construction and Operations Phases. Sections 2, 3 and 4 below introduce contract management in the PPP context and set out an overall contract management framework including governance structures, leadership and management, roles and responsibilities, establishing and implementing contract administration, and relationship and performance management. These sections provide a high level view of each of these activities. Further detail is provided in the individual sections that fall under the Construction Phase (part B of this chapter) and Operations Phase in chapter 8.


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