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Project Identification and PPP Screening

36. Technical Outline of the Selected Solution

The next step after defining the technical solution is to clarify the technical scope, including a detailed description and set of requirements for the most important aspects of the project (that is, a technical outline of the project).

This step includes a description of the project that covers aspects such as the sector, technical outline, and physical conditions (for example, distance for transport, surface for buildings, and so on), site, geographical area, affected/benefited population, and so on.

Each project should be described with sufficient certainty to enable the government to answer the questions set out in section 2.9 (screening for PPP potential).

Good scoping will clarify the information needed to continue the pre-assessment. For a robust result of this phase, having enough good quality information is crucial.

Additional time and effort may be required to adequately define the PPP project scope if, at the outset, one or more of the following factors are prevalent:

  • Lack of a clear specification of what is required;
  • Novelty or lack of experience of this particular activity; and
  • Complexity in terms of the number of influencing factors and associated inter-dependencies.


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