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Project Identification and PPP Screening

313.1. Capabilities Needed to Develop the Appraisal Studies

The capabilities necessary for an appraisal process can be divided into five main groups.


  • In charge of the project’s design, with expertise in the type of infrastructure that is the subject of the contract;
  • Expertise in the technical aspects of the services involved.


  • In charge of environmental impacts; should provide relevant expertise/ experience in environmental analysis.


  • Expertise in economic appraisal, preferably in the same sector/ infrastructure or service type.


  • Expertise in financial analysis in the field of user-paid or government-paid PPPs, preferably in the same sector/infrastructure or service type and also knowledge of financing similar PPP projects (when the government needs to develop a bankable structure);
  • Expertise in contract risk structuring and payment mechanisms, preferably in the same sector/infrastructure or service type.


  • Expertise in public law/ administrative framework; and
  • Experience in drafting PPP contracts. Although the drafting of the PPP contract will not occur until a later phase (see chapter 5), knowledge of PPP contracts will be necessary to enable a proper assessment of the existing legal framework. For a PPP covering existing operations, the legal due diligence will need to look at existing contracts, legal actions, loan contracts, and so on.


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